empowering women, families, and youth-at-risk through improved literacy, increased positive media, and tools for living.
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It is the mission of Express Yourself!™ to connect you with other worthy organizations, people, places, and programs that are making a difference for youth in the world. It is our goal to help you communicate, connect, and collaborate on a global level for the benefit of all. Explore, Experience, and Enjoy!
World Youth Connection [in development]
A forum clearing house of individuals and organizations offering programs for youth. Join the conversation on Facebook

Difference Makers International (DMI)
Difference Makers International's mission is to give children and adults life skills through education, leadership development and community outreach programs so they are able to transform mediocrity and negativity into a world of possibility, pro-activity and prosperity where they live, work and learn.

Peace Promotion
Creating a healthy, safe community through resident engagement.

Tapping the Source
Presenting authentic, proven principles to finding true joy in life.

IMHO Books
A book review web site for teens with video reviews and ratings of all genres.

Stories About Facing Fear with Clint Adams
Teen storytelling that liberates and helps young people face their fears.

Earth Team
An environmental network for teens, teachers, and youth leaders.

4-H Clubs of America
Youth development organization for boys and girls empowering young people to reach for their full potential.

Global Classroom
Creating a more peaceful planet through environmental education programs, low-impact travel, and community service projects. 

College Application Help​​
Information and resources for college applicants.

​​Writing Center

Writing help with grammar and punctuation

Simple Tuition
Helping millions of students and families afford college​

Business Directory

More than a storefront or factory, is a place to share business information.